Old Nora compensation scheme

First of all, our sincere apologies to every Snowcrash supporters, due to the well-known reasons, we couldn’t continue the Old Nora token, but don’t worry our New Nora will be announced very soon. We can imagine that the members of the community are more anxious than we are, so the first draft of the compensation plan has been drawn up urgently. The compensation package may not satisfy everyone, but believe us we tried our best.

The first draft of the compensation scheme

  1. Old Nora is free to trade after the official snapshot, but we do not recommend buying.
  2. Old Nora does not need to be returned, but can be kept as a souvenir. We will release New Nora in the next few days.
  3. The proportion of New Nora, team ownership decreased from 20% to 10%, locked for 730 days. 5% will be airdropped proportionally to early holders of Old Nora, locked for 1 year. 5% airdrop to early holders of New Nora, locked for 1 year. 80% to create liquidity and lock up for 1 year.
  4. SnowCrash Hiro Token. The team holds10%, locked for 2 years. 10% is awarded to early supporters of Old Nora, and the initial plan is no lock up. 5% is awarded to early supporters of New Nora, and the initial plan is no lock up. 50% to create liquidity and lock up for 1 year. 25% as a reserve bonus. It is expected to be launched within 1 month after New Nora release. SnowCrash Hiro Token will become the real “protagonist”. More SnowCrash Hiro Token introductions will be released before the launch.
  5. Early supporters of Old Nora will receive airdrops from Snow Leopard Army NFT. The total number of Snow Leopard Army NFTs is 20,000.
  6. Please don’t forget the key of your previously traded Old Nora wallet, because the compensation will be sent to the BSC wallet of your traded Old Nora.

Now let’s focus on explaining the compensation for New Nora. Obviously, we want to give more compensations to the community, nevertheless it is well known that unreasonable distribution of Token will lead to the collapse of the entire economic system. We believe that no one wants to hold a large but low-value Token. We want to compensate community members for a “value”, not just a “number”.

This is the first draft, not the final version. However, the official version of the compensation scheme will only increase the compensation content, not decrease it.

Finally, the “Crash” will only make us tougher and stronger.

Thank you.

SnowCrash DAO Team