Nora Stratosphere Plan

We wish to work with Nora holders to do something positive, not only for Nora, but for the industry, for the whole world. We firmly believe that letting more people understand and utilize DeFi will benefit every one of us. Moreover, it will bring positive changes to the world.

As we mentioned earlier on our website, the Nora Army is responsible for promoting SnowCrash DAO. Now, Nora’s first army (Asian Army) will receive its first mission, the “Stratosphere Plan”. The plan is as follows:

Using 5 meters in diameter 20 to 50 sounding balloons to launch the $Nora, $ETH, $BNB, $Cake, $BAKE into the stratosphere about 30 kilometers above the ground.

Since the mission requires preparation time, it will be carried out between June 25 and July 10. We’ll keep you posted on Twitter, please stay tuned.

All the armies we set up in the future will also receive highly challenging tasks. We will provide technical and necessary financial support to ensure the task can be completed safely and smoothly. The last army we will form is the Space Army, thus you should understand that the stratosphere is not our ultimate goal.

To expand the influence of this promotion, we sincerely invite every Nora holder to participate actively according to the following procedures. Any Nora holders who participate in this promotion will receive a reward (reward will be announced on Twitter).

How the Nora holders participate?

  1. Buy 5 small balloons;
  2. Print the logo of $Nora, $ETH, $BNB, $Cake and $BAKE on the balloon;
  3. Take photos or record the process of the balloon rise;
  4. Email us the photos and videos;
  5. Post the photos and videos on social media such as Twitter.

You can download the relevant logo from our Brand Toolkit.

About the future

After the “Stratosphere Plan”, we will announce the detailed development plan of SnowCrash DAO. Please follow our Twitter update.

Because of you, Nora will be stronger and the world will be a better place. Thank you to every adventurer who holds Nora, for your contribution to Nora and the world. Thank you so much.