Nora Army

Coming soon.

Snow Leopard Army Group has a number of armies, and the core is responsible for the promotion of the community. Each regiment of the Snow Leopard Army Group has its own army Token and NFTs (Dog tag). Users can join by purchasing army Token or NFT and compete the winner will win a great amount of reward.

We plan to form eight armies in the next year, namely, the North American Army, the Asian Army, the European Army, the Oceania Army, the South American Army, the African Army, the Special Army, and the Space Army. It is important to note that the core mission of the Space army is to bring Nora into space and stay there permanently.

Snow Leopard Army looks like a Metaverse game, but it is far more interesting than the game. In fact, if you like games and willing to work together, we can buy a Metaverse game company.

We are currently recruiting army leaders. If you have rich experience and resources, you can click the button below to submit your application.