Binance Island

The legend of Binance Island

Binance Island consists of the main island and thousands of small islands. The main island is the second-largest island in the MetaVoxel world. The island is rich in mineral resources, but also buried a large number of cryptocurrency such as BNB. Players with mining rights can land on the island for mining.

Crypto Zen is the owner of Binance Island and has a large number of cryptocurrency such as BNB. To push up the price of BNB, Crypto Zen will visit the island every three months to destroy part of the BNB (reducing the supply of BNB in circulation on the market). BNB destruction will take place on the island’s burning platforms, after burning, most of the BNB will melt and flow into the ground, eventually turning into a variety of rare minerals, and some of the BNB may remain intact and be carried to all corners of the island by strong winds and rain.

Crypto Zen visits the island every three months, and if you are lucky, you may see Crypto Zen on the island.

Surrounding islands

There are thousands of small islands around Binance Island, which are usually owned by businessmen who run companies on the BSC. These businessmen often hold various activities on the island, such as burying their company’s internal currency and arts on the island for tourists to find.