First open letter to Nora holders

From the short-term statistics, Nora is doing very well. Many thanks to the community members for their efforts and to every Nora holder for your trust.

As we all know, we want to create a sustainable, vibrant ecology and community. Nevertheless, there is now a problem that could influence Nora’s rapid growth. The early holders bought lots of Nora, rarely sold any (we never expected this to be an issue). So, we have to give official guidance.

  1. If you are an early Nora holder, especially if you hold a large amount of Nora, we strongly recommend that you sell some Nora at this time so that more people can hold Nora;
  2. If possible, we recommend that Nora holders add Liquidity in PancakeSwap;
  3. If you already hold a significant amount of Nora, be sure not to buy more;
  4. If you truly love Nora and share our vision, be sure to follow the guideline above.

Thank you.

SnowCrash DAO Team